Cat Tracking

cat on wooden fence

cat on wooden fence (Photo credit: (Sascha Uding) Arternative-Design)

Smaller GPS chips have made it possible for even the cheapest smartphone to be a satnav, locator of local takeaways and be able to give its location away to its owner if stolen or, if the proverbial tin-foil-hat wearers turn out to be right, the government.

They’ve also allowed us to plot our runs or cycle rides, places we’ve been, seen, been seen in, rather we’d not been seen in or forgotten we’d been to.

Cats though have been feeling left out of this techy tracky Endomodo-y goodness.  Until now.  This month’s T3 magazine reports on a device invented by Dave Evans called G-Paws which enables your furry friend to be tracked day and night.  Though with you average cat there would be much time spent located “on the sofa/most desirable chair in the living room” or “in the sun by the french doors”.  For about £50 you get an 11g multi-channel GPS with flash memory which can attach to any standard collar.  There’s even a social network so humans can share their cat’s wanderings online.

Combine this with a small camera and your moggy could be geotagging its way around your neighbourhood from sometime in May.


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Tea With Cats

English: What morning rush? Ignoring the inces...

English: What morning rush? Ignoring the incessant traffic flow around Highbury Corner outside, the cafe cat concentrates on soaking up the November sunshine! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kat from Gizmodo UK is bouncing, Tigger-like with excitement at the possibility of a Japanese-style Cat cafe currently being planned for London.  To be called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and being funded via crowdsourcing site IndieGoGo the cafe will let cat lovers enjoy a cuppa while stroking a kitty.  How relaxing would that be.  Right now I’m only lacking the kitten.

Anyone who, on seeing the words “cat cafe” was thinking that they were on the menu is a very sick puppy.  My first thought was that it was a cafe for cats but it’s early, I can be excused.

London’s a bit far for me to go for a mug of tea but if you need this contribute at the link above.

[Gizmodo UK]

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I For One Welcome Our Feline Overlords

Portrait of a male tabby cat

Portrait of a male tabby cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was inevitable.  It was irresistible.  It is this month’s excuse for a cat picture.

Minnesota recently played host to the worlds first Cat Video Film Festival to honour the joy that our furry friends’ recorded antics have given us.  Follow the links to see more, though please watch the Ninja Cat video recommended by Gizmodo’s reporter.

[Gizmodo UK]