Drinking for Science

Various spirits.

Various spirits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not me personally but Gizmodo’s Brent Rose who has gone beyond the call of duty in order to research a number of myths about booze that everyone knows.

It seems that it’s true that drinking beer before spirits does make you more ill for reasons of how quickly alcohol enters your bloodstream and mixing spirits can make you drunker quicker – as demonstrated by his unedited conclusion near the end of the article.

(Gizmodo UK)

Quick Beer Review – Nine Tenths Below

Titanic Bottle Top

Titanic Bottle Top (Photo credit: Smabs Sputzer)

Saturday night in Wetherspoons, packed bar, quick decision.  Nine Tenths Below from Titanic Brewery.

I’d forgotten about the upcoming anniversary of Titanic’s sinking (and the inevitable reissue of the film in 3D) so chose based on previous Titanic pints.  This one was a nice golden colour, fruity and tangy, refreshing, slightly cloudy and 5.9 percent – which I felt a few pubs later.  It’s a seasonal beer available until June.

Recommended.  The description on the brewery website says it all.

Titanic Brewery