What being a Writer taught me

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I read something pertaining to writers a few days back. It was a letter Oscar Wilde had written to someone asking for tips on how to become successful as a writer. Mr. Wilde told him not to depend on his art as his sole source of income and that he should keep his “day job” since one might sacrifice his everything for his art, but Art is a cruel mistress.

In fact, most of the writers I have come across lately do not depend on the sales of their books as the sole source of income. (Some authors even make more money via affiliate links and advertisements on their sites  than their books.)

The new-age, independent writer now constitutes a niche called micro-entrepreneurs as they offer products (e-books, courses, video tutorials) to services like editing, sponsored posts, reviews, etc  from their micro platforms or companies (website/blogs/social networking sites). Some writers who spend a lot of…

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