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The Time Traveller’s Camera


Sunday (Photo credit: ex.libris)

This would no doubt be a more interesting title than article really but here goes.  With so many devices around me telling me that this is 2013, and that 2012 is constantly receding into the past how did I still manage to set the date wrong on my new, well-travelled compact camera?

I only discovered this when I needed the timestamp to say March 2nd 2013 to enter a photography challenge and I noticed that the pictures I’d taken were appearing amongst photos I took last year in the date-order view.  The camera had apparently taken pictures in March 2012, before it had been manufactured, while it was still a pile of chips in China.

Yet it was so easy to miss, I’m used to computers and phones auto-updating their date and time now.  But it shows how easy it is to fake the date and time a picture was taken.  The camera can certainly lie these days if not actually time-travel.