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My PocketMod

I forget things, regularly.  I also find that I want to make a note of something I need to buy or do but haven’t got access to either paper or a computer.  I have found the solution to both these issues in a website.

Huh?  I hear you ask.

Ok, the solution is in the picture above, it’s called PocketMod and I’ve known about it for some time but kept forgetting to make one.  And that’s not actually a pun either.

PocketMod is a origami-style notebook that is folded, after you’ve printed and trimmed it, to form a small notebook without the need for staples or glue.  It’s been around a while and the website contains templates to print out and  very good flash-based designer tool that lets you put together your own mini notebook with exactly the pages you need – including lines, diary, squares, formulas and emergency information about you.

Put your mobile number on it and someone can contact you if they find your wallet, and you can easily find your own number too.

Just need a small pen now…