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Global Community Spirit

Football (Soccer ball)

Football (Soccer ball) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our world was said to have become smaller when Jet travel arrived, and it has continued to shrink it seems thanks to modern communications.  This recent story of an epic journey, widely reported around the world shows a global equivalent of finding your neighbour’s football in your garden.  Literally.

David Baxter, an Alaskan radar technician found a signed football washed up on a beach and rather than just thinking “that’s a nice ball, I’ll keep it” he considered it may have been swept away during the Japanese tsunami.  His japanese wife, with the help of a reporter in Japan have managed to trace its owner and will soon be reuniting the ball with sixteen year old Misaki Murakami who is understandably delighted to be getting his prized possession back after losing everything in the devastating floods of last March.

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