Shadows in the Dusk

bats flying at dusk

bats flying at dusk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I sit here facing the window, with its little slice of countryside, I occasionally notice a black blur flash past outside.  It, or rather they are a reminder that here on the fringes of this large town nature still has a niche.

This is our neighbourhood’s nightly display of bat aerobatics.

I turn out the lights for a while and stand against the glass, watching them tear past just inches beyond.  As I watch them wheeling and twirling, speeding about against the darkening sky between our oddly shaped collection of buildings I can’t help but be in awe at the precision of their flight, and how they navigate, find and catch their dinner.

Quickly the sky turns inky blue and the bats are fleeting shadows against unnatural light from other windows and lamps.  I wish them goodnight and come back to my desk.