Quick Beer Review – Nine Tenths Below

Titanic Bottle Top

Titanic Bottle Top (Photo credit: Smabs Sputzer)

Saturday night in Wetherspoons, packed bar, quick decision.  Nine Tenths Below from Titanic Brewery.

I’d forgotten about the upcoming anniversary of Titanic’s sinking (and the inevitable reissue of the film in 3D) so chose based on previous Titanic pints.  This one was a nice golden colour, fruity and tangy, refreshing, slightly cloudy and 5.9 percent – which I felt a few pubs later.  It’s a seasonal beer available until June.

Recommended.  The description on the brewery website says it all.

Titanic Brewery

When I Wasn’t the Tallest Person in the Room

Me, being tallThe other day I met someone who was actually taller than me, and this was only about the third time this has happened.  It was a strange feeling as I’m used to (figuratively) looking down at people all the time and I suddenly felt what other people feel when they’re looking at me, it felt slightly intimidating to be honest even though the other person was a very friendly type.  Secondly I felt an unusual sense of disgruntlement that someone was actually taller.

Analyse that.

The Perfect Burger

Given that I live in a town where the closest burger to be had after six o’clock is two miles away and I’m not that dedicated to McDonalds I have been on a quest to create my own big, tasty burger.

The first one arrived after a day’s struggle.  Do you know how difficult it is to find bacon, in Newark, on New Year’s Day?  Not easy, but I found some after a long walk to the nearest Spar shop, and combined with a plain burger it was heavenly.  But not quite good enough.  Months later the next breakthrough was the quarter pounder with chilli, available in most good supermarkets.  I felt it needed onion, but I had none, sadface.    Then, in a moment of inspiration I found a jar of caramelised onion relish and voila.

Not done yet though.  Later in the year I read that McDonalds’ Big Mac dressing was similar to Thousand Island Dressing so off to the shops I went and that evening I slapped some on the other side of the chilli quarter pounder to the onion relish.  Do you hear the sound of angelic singing?  As Adam Richman (Man v Food) might say “Oh my goodness, oh, my, goodness”.

I’ve tried adding lettuce, tried substituting the Thousand Island for beef chilli (need a smock to eat that one), and tried adding salami to the mix, along with occasional experiments with various cheeses.

The result of all this?

My personal favourite – lightly toasted soft large sesame bap (Morrisons) + caramelised onion relish (Asda) + chilli quarter pounder (Morrisons) + Wensleydale cheese with or without cranberries (Anywhere) + Thousand Island Dressing (Morrisons) + two crispy onion rings on top of the dressing

You bite in, and experience not an explosion of flavours and textures so much as a sequence as you hit crispy onion, tangy sauce, frisky spicy beef then sweet onion.  Eat with thin fries dusted in salt.

I love it, but that’s just me.

Hello world!

The title of this first post was kindly provided by WordPress and it’s appropriate.

Everyone and their dog has a blog these days, covering everything from aardvarks and aircraft to zero-gravity and zebras, and I’m not even joking about the dog.  So I thought I’d present my own occasional, random viewpoint on the world which will cover a variety of subjects as I see fit.

I have no idea where this is going but come see me when you have a moment and, to quote Lurcio, if you like it, tell your friends.