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Fresh Thinking?

Fish and chips, a popular take-away food of th...

Fish and chips, a popular take-away food of the United Kingdom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like to cook but rarely have time to make a meal from scratch, it’s usually a case of assembling something from frozen or chilled components.  I do also sometimes indulge in fast food – usually chips, fish and chips, battered sausage and chips or a hot dog from a van in the market square on a Saturday morning.  It’s too far to go to McDonalds and I’ve never even ventured into Subway – in fact whenever I think “I must try Subway some time” I then remember that ours closed down sometime last year.

The fast food industry has been trying to reinvent itself recently, as the public called for more healthy, nutritious, “authentic” food, highlighting the quality of ingredients, how they’re reducing fat and sugar, introducing “healthy options” like salads, and most of all the “freshness” of everything.  In this country the claims by McDonalds and the like that the ingredients are sourced from local farmers and butchers are believable because of the size of our island, you could conceivably turn an Aberdeen Angus in the borders into a burger in Bristol in a couple of days but as an interesting article on Slate Magazine shows much of the use of the word fresh, particularly in America, is really just marketing – harnessing associations with openness, truth, wholesomeness and morality, while its true meaning quite often differs from the dictionary definition.



Good Food: The Sausage Roll Revolutionised


ASDA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did venture out in the wind and rain this morning to take the three-minute walk to Asda down the road to buy a few bits and pieces for the week.  While there however a powerful force that cannot be resisted dragged me like a riptide towards the bakery section because I knew that, being just after opening time, the shelves would contain the wonder that is the Mini Chilli Beef Roll.

A sausage roll but filled with chilli beef instead of pork they are fantastic, especially when fresh, crisp and still slightly warm.

Needless to say that by this time all six in the pack have vanished.