Where is The Kindness Anymore? I Can’t Seem To Find It

Talin Orfali Ghazarian

A Week ago my great friends and I were planning what to do this weekend and make it a girls night out that we hadn’t done in a while, and so we decided to go see a movie called “Identity Thief” with Melissa McCarthy and it was such a funny movie, and then we decided to go to a restaurant and just have some fun, relax, talk and catch up with each other. It was such a beautiful night, where I just relaxed, enjoyed, had a great laugh, basically what I needed tonight to be with my beautiful people.

Now, as we sat down, we ordered off the menu, got our meals,  had our meals, and just talked This elderly man was getting out of the restrooms very slowly and was frail and we were situated in a way where we couldn’t go and assist him, and so basically these…

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