Women’s News: I Am Embarrassed By How Much I Am Affected By the Way Men Talk About Women

Interesting piece about how (many) men still refer to women today. Personal experience makes me feel it’s actually getting worse, I am reminded of just last Saturday night when some young lads on my right at the bar were talking about a young woman to my left, discussing whether if he asked she’d sleep with him, the final comment “of course it’d be a yes, it’s a female.” I worry about the future of our society sometimes.



Kate Fridkis

Blogger, Eat The Damn Cake

Everything has been good. I am six months pregnant and the crippling morning sickness I dealt with has faded to a faint, nightmarish memory. Things seem to be moving ahead in my career. I like my new, round body. But suddenly, in the midst of all this niceness, I began to feel dim, suppressed. The kind of feeling that sneaks up on you and you can’t trace it and it hangs around your neck for a while, staring up at you with glazed, bleary eyes until you have to excuse yourself to sit down and mope.

“What is going on?” said my husband, Bear, a little baffled, as I moped from one room to the next, turtling, tucking myself into my shell in the evenings and poking my head out only to watch some bad TV.

I started trying to explain. It might…

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