A Rant on Ripa and Huffington Post

Cheri Speak

Today  Ariana Huffington’s Huffingnton Post had a story about Kelly Ripa’s abs titled, “Kelly Ripa’s Abs Put Pretty Much Everyone Else’s To Shame“…

Umm, do we really care about Ripa’s “ripped” abs or should we care more that the woman looks fucking anorexic?

Shouldn’t we be more concerned for…

A) Kelly Ripa’s health and status as a role model

B) The mental health and marriages of all women

C) Marriage and divorce statistics based on cheating

D) The physical and mental  health of girl children

When will media — alternative or otherwise, stop the assault on women?

Not only does media coverage like this — along with myriad other examples, make many women feel their bodies are less-than desirable, the constant bombardment of unhealthy and or fake imagery we are faced with affects our lives in more ways than just a woman’s own self-image.

Men are convinced all women…

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