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Give Me Shelter

Afghan Former Refugees at UNHCR Returnee Camp

Afghan Former Refugees at UNHCR Returnee Camp (Photo credit: United Nations Photo)

Refugees the world over being looked after by the United Nations currently only have basic tents to call home, often for years, and these structures that provide little protection from cold and heat and it’s for this reason the UNHCR (UN High Commission for Refugees) has recruited our favourite flatpack furniture maker to bring things into the 21st century.

The Ikea Foundation’s designers have come up with a framework which is covered by lightweight insulated panels which reflect daytime sunlight and retain heat at night.  They can be put up in a matter of hours and last up to three years.

The shelters are to be tested in Ethiopia next month and the UNHCR is looking to incorporate solar-charged lighting in the design.

Click through to Gizmodo UK for pictures of the shelter.

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