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Celebrity Culture Crosses The Line, Again

One phone call from 2Day FM in Australia to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated for acute morning sickness that shouldn’t have happened is now worldwide news for the wrong reason.  The DJs impersonated the Queen and Prince of Wales and were put through to the Duchess’ nurse who revealed medical details.  The call was recorded and authorised for broadcast by the station management.

Soon there were two professional, caring nurses humiliated, no doubt also fearful of disciplinary action, one takes her own life, lives are left devastated and a shadow is thrown over what should be a time of anticipation and joy for the royal couple.  For what?  The radio station involved can say “it was just a prank” all they like but it wasn’t, a prank would be ringing a random hospital pretending to be the Queen, this was simply an attempt to pry into a private life, to satisfy the need to know every last detail of famous people’s’ existence, to feed the obsession, to get listeners, ad revenue, notoriety.

Some have defended the DJs saying they couldn’t have foreseen the outcome, but surely they could have foreseen that at least someone could have lost their job.  Maybe it’s another case of how people are becoming increasingly disconnected from the feelings of others but in the end the result was a tragedy.

[BBC News]


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  1. I agree, cruel and tragic, I’d like to think that the media might learn from it but I doubt it.

    Also thanks for liking my posts too, I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts.

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