You, You Make Me Feel… Brassed Off

Eddie Bright Eyes

Eddie Bright Eyes (Photo credit: Picture Zealot)

To put it politely.

Today’s example of modern lack of consideration comes courtesy of someone in my apartment building who was playing one song (the Stylistics version of You Make Me Feel Brand New) for at least two and a half hours on repeat until 2.00 am this morning.  The acoustics of our building means that the sound resonates, you can’t really tell where it’s coming from, it’s just a ghostly background noise that gets steadily louder as your ears get used to the otherwise silent night, each high note flicking your almost slumbering brain back into consciousness.

I tried putting the mattress on the floor as it was a bit quieter down there, which was strange as the music was definitely from an apartment lower down than mine but not my friend’s immediately below.  In the end I lay on the sofa, then it started raining which drowned out the music and is a sound I can fall asleep to easily.  I had been considering knocking on the door of the suspected culprit but wasn’t sure of the response I’d get; would the music stop or get louder?  These days you can’t be sure.

In the end it stopped, shortly after.  Luckily I could have a lay-in this morning.