Still a Place for Paper

English: Moleskine notebook and diaries. Белар...

English: Moleskine notebook and diaries. Беларуская: Нататнік і штодзёньнікі Moleskine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some time ago I wrote about a small notebook you printed out from your PC, now Moleskine and Evernote have buried the paper versus digital debate and produced a digital compatible notebook.

Previous attempts have involved clipboards that record your pen movements, pens that record, well, their own movements and entirely digital tablet-type virtual notebooks.  The new books however use specially formatted paper that can be photographed using the Evernote app and will then be instantly available in a searchable form in your digital notebook.  Stickers can even be used to instruct the app where to save the page.

Best of both worlds?  Could easily be.

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