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A Week of Dodgy Phone Calls

My Real Facepalm

My Real Facepalm (Photo credit: joelogon)

I regularly take phone calls that have me rolling my eyes, sighing, facepalming or just LOLling.  These are just a few of these stories.

Caller:  “Can I speak to Paul please?”
Me:  “He’s not in at the moment.”
Caller:  “Do you know when he’ll be in?”
Me:  “I’m sorry, I don’t know at the moment.”
Caller:  “Well, if I call back this afternoon will he be in?”
Facepalm.  Erm, I don’t know…

Caller, having been given a quote:  “Oh, no, you’ve got that wrong.”
Me:  “No, I haven’t, it’s worked out on the computer.”
Caller:  “Well, you’ve definately got that wrong, you need to go away and work it out again.”
Who are you, a schoolteacher?

I rang a customer to let him know that the surveyor was running late, it was about half an hour after the booked time already when I was asked to call him.  “He’ll be about fifteen minutes” I told the customer.  “What, fifteen minutes from now?” he asked.  No, from next tuesday, I thought.