I’ll Write It… Tomorrow!

A friend and colleague of mine is fond of saying “tomorrow never comes” whenever I say “I could do with that glass for tomorrow”.  I tend to just reply by saying “I could do with that glass for Thursday” or whatever day.

He’s right though and I’m writing this post as a prompt to myself, a call for less procrastination.  You see, I keep saying “I’ve not really got time to post anything today; that article needs more research; I can’t quite think how to put that…”  But it’s all just procrastination, and I get away with it because I can, there are no consequences except that my blog gets no views, oh and the little fact that I feel I’ve in some way let myself down, wasted time that I could have used productively in doing something else that I got no real benefit from.  It’s OK if I’m doing something worthwhile like watching a new TV show, seeing friends or family, decluttering or tidying, but mostly I’m not.

One technique to deal with this is to change routines so that you have no excuses, set a time to read a few news sites, make a few notes, link a few webpages, set a time to write something that is well in advance of when I’ll be feeling tired and would rather be watching something funny on Dave (which, for anyone reading this outside the UK, is a TV channel crammed with quality repeats of comedy shows and Top Gear, and is a tempting diversion).

So now comes the difficult part as changing ingrained routines (or lack of them) can be mentally exhausting but in the end the feeling of achievement, especially if it’s in doing something you enjoy, is all worth it.

I’ve put off going to sleep for too long now, by writing this, so goodnight.