Finding a Voice – Self Confidence via Blogging


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Last year I wrote a reply to a friend on Facebook about the pros and cons of Windows Phone 7, as he was considering whether to brave Microsoft’s latest or go for the established iPhone.  He chose the iPhone 4 but thanked me for my information and said “have you thought of writing a blog?”

It took me until a few weeks ago to start, but once I’d written a couple of posts in the first few days and fiddled with the layout I hit a wall and I found I had no motivation to write any more posts and continually found excuses not to do anything, I became a master procrastinator.

I knew I should be writing though so I began to analyse my deeper reasons and the answer surprised me as I’d considered myself to be relatively confident these days having overcome many self-esteem issues over the years; I simply felt that I had no voice to be heard, that nobody would want to read what I’d written.  In addition I felt that my opinion would hold no value and therefore I had no right to comment, on anything.

It seems that this is a common feeling in our society where we are bombarded with media imagery that tells us that only those who shout the loudest have value but it simply isn’t true.  Personally, I want to feel like I am part of the world, have a place, a purpose, I am visible, noticed, appreciated and can contribute, and probably already do.

Writing a blog is one form of expression, in the same way that singing on the Karaoke was for me a decade ago, a way of breaking down the internal barriers and fears to reach the self-confidence I want to get back.